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People set up websites so that they can be found when people search the web. Whether they are advertising a product or service or just want to get their brand to be recognised, the key is to get people to find the site.

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is all about getting your web pages to rank on search engines so that people searching the web are more likely to find your site. As most people use Google as their starting point on the web, you can think of SEO as the process of getting websites to appear in the top positions on Google.

  • ­Data driven insights.
  • ­Keyword, backlink and competitor analysis.
  • ­Site optimisation and reporting.

Each project is unique, as are the clients’ expectations and requirements. In addition to this the search landscape is different for each industry, product range and region.  It therefore unrealistic to suggest an estimate how long it would take to complete a generic project. While there may be some improvement in ranking in the early stages, goals can take months or even years to be fully realised.

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