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“The customer is always right” is a phrase that has been around since the beginning of retail. Traditional retailers will do everything to keep the customer happy and to encourage them to buy. It seems logical that this will then follow through into online retail. An e-commerce journey should always be designed with the customer’s happiness and satisfaction in mind. It’s a no-brainer, surely. The thing is, this is not always the case. Not enough e-commerce businesses focus on customer centered design.

  • ­Customer focused UX design that drives sales.
  • ­Data driven analytics for improved decision making.
  • ­Customer journey mapping.

Customer centered design is all about putting the customer at the forefront of everything you do and always being the champion of the customer in all of their decisions. Customer centered design is not just about the UX of your website. It is about looking at the entirety of your digital business and designing it from the point of view of the customer. This covers everything from your digital marketing and social media through to your returns process and everything in between.

 If you look at all of the hugely successful digital disruptors over the past decade, they have one thing in common: They designed their business around the customer.

Amazon allows their customers to buy almost anything at a great price and often on a same or next day delivery. Uber allows customers to hail a taxi on their phone, keeps them updated on where it is and allows them to pay using their card. Uber designed their entire business to give customers the best experience.

Apple has consistently provided technology that is all about usability and single-handedly changed the digital music industry for ever. Before the iPod, MP3 players were techy and simply designed to play the music. Apple changed that and looked at what the customer wants first and made the technology work to that.

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