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Competitors and Industry Analysis

A good communications programme can be a powerful business driver but with the wrong focus can be ineffectual and potentially damaging. At Jan Digital Studios we use a combination of experience and best practice tools to ensure that execution is heavily aligned to business objectives. In simple terms we invest heavily in understanding your business using some of the tools we use ourselves from classic strategy planning tools to leaner approaches such as the business model canvas.

  • • Strategy Formulation Session
  • • Strategy Development
  • • Messaging Workshops

Target audience identification

We dig deep into business models, target audience identification, resources, messaging through to metrics and return on investment. This rigorous process ensures that we not only understand your business when we align our communications programmes but we are also ideally positioned to deliver broader strategic consultancy. Our belief is that we can offer wider business insights beyond communications, in addition to knowing that the best results come from being in synch with our clients and constantly iterating.

  • • Facilitated Collaboration
  • • Measurement and data analysis

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CongRegation UnConfrence

Founded in 2013 CongRegation is a three day technology festival designed to foster links between attendees from very diverse backgrounds and create deep discussion and dialogue. Central to the event is earned entry via a submission posted on the site in advance, the use of social venues and huddles and the serendipitous connections that form.



Founded in 2011 with the aim of transforming the way organisations communicate and collaborate through Microsoft Team. Cloud Assist is a “Gold Certified Partner” that focuses on bringing the digital transformation of Microsoft suite of products from small to large teams.


FAQs: Digital Strategy

The difference between Jan Digital Studios and a traditional public relations consultancy or digital marketing agency is that they both use high circulation, readership, and viewer ratings to determine who to approach when selling in content to media houses and publishers. Whereas Jan Digital Studios is a true digital native when it comes to digital PR and marketing, our campaigns don’t exclusively focus on the number of followers on social media sites and readers before we approach them. We also focuses on evaluating domain authority and non-paid opportunities for link citations. The success of Digital PR is, as a result, more measurable than Traditional PR or Traditional Marketing,
At its core, PR is about building trust and often includes creating a strong brand and great reputation to allow you to build relationships with the public (or many publics). For your company, those relationships might be with the general public; consumers – potential customers and clients; investors; employees; government officials, agencies and regulators; and the media. Your relationship with any of those audiences may or may not be mutually beneficial at any given time. Great PR creates mutually beneficial relationships and incites change. Great PR can help you change behaviors and opinions in your favor.
Content marketing is the creation and distribution of educational and/or entertaining information assets for the purpose of generating brand awareness, traffic, leads and sales. Marketing content is generally free and does not explicitly promote your brand as an ad would.
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