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Founded in 2013 CongRegation is a three day technology festival designed to foster links between attendees from very diverse backgrounds and create deep discussion and dialogue. Central to the event is earned entry via a submission posted on the site in advance, the use of social venues and huddles and the serendipitous connections that form. All attendees present during the day creating a common bond that is enhanced with plenty of networking time..
CongRegation approached Jan Digital Studios to assist them in their digital transformation, keeping in spirit with the organisations goals of fostering collaborative knowledge sharing, the organisation wanted to automate the way attendees communicate with the organisation and the way they engage on the day.

CongRegation is an annual unconference that takes place in Cong, Co Mayo.  Bringing together a collection of over 100 Irish and international speaker, the three day festival involves over 8 events and 9 different venues.  The event creates a unique peer based trusted environment for collaboration through its ticket by submission, all attendees presenting, huddle format and a series of social events including children’s workshops.  The theme changes annually.

Congregation is a constantly evolving company that reinvents itself each year and seeks to improve its events and services. The Unconference event uses a patented methodology designed to promote inter-group interaction and group engagement. With this in mind Jan Digital Studios set out to design, construct and deliver a holistic digital package, that included PR, Event Management, Digital Marketing and Web Development services to improve attendee engagement, automate manual processes and increase press coverage of the event.


The annual challenge is to keep the event refreshed and the logistical support needed to deliver on the 8 different events. Due to the weekend nature of the event and the distance for attendees to travel the event needs to be appealing, deliver on ever growing expectations and grow organically rather than through paid for advertising.


In order to stream-line the submission process for the 100 entries a revamped website was built.  Shared repositories allowed attendees to self-register themselves for all the different events.  A centralized register and workflow from to do lists to a funnel of interested attendees was also created.  In order to promote the event each submission was supported with customized imagery along with breakout sections and promoted through Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  The workflow also needed to allow for multimedia submissions in addition to standard text based one.  Proactive communication with attendees was key to the success of the event from logistical updates through to submission collation.  The event cost was underwritten by sponsorship so full sponsorship packs were developed and financial support secured. 

Event management involved dealing with nine different venues, briefing of chair person per huddle, organizing of two separate children’s workshops and social interactions including poetry open mike, learn and instrument and guided tours.

What We Delivered

  • Turnkey Solution
  • Content Strategy
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Management
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Sponsorship
  • Event Managment
  • eBook Compiling
  • Social Media Support Content Marketing
  • Video and Photography
  • List Management
  • PR and Media Services

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