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Creating a hybrid agency that leveraged the power of communication and technology to drive business results was the genesis behind the decision to establish Jan Digital Studios in 2018.

Rytis Joseph Jan has a consultative background in technology and communications and had established multiple start technology businesses.

Commenting Rytis added “The communication’s industry has evolved to the point of digital clearly overtaking the traditional toolkit.  However technology was viewed as bolt on solution rather fully integrated.  This has slowed its deployment despite the clear benefits.  The industry is at a crossroads where it can be disruptive or watch as other more nimble players eat its lunch.  I prefer disruptive.”

Echoing this desire for creative thinking and improving how business is done Rytis Joseph Jan bought and sold his first technology company when he was 22.  During this journey Rytis had early encounters traditional press media whilst driving digital marketing campaigns.  “As a millennial I intuitively live in social media, as a technologist I perfected my project management but in driving my business forward I appreciated the art of communications – from the credibility of media relations, the reach of the content driven world of social media and the workhorse delivery of email.”

Outside of the desire to improve the impact of communications Rytis share` a results driven work ethic, a ruthless quest for efficiency and productivity balanced with a passion for problem solving and creativity.

”The projects that have inspired us most have involved deep strategic thinking where we can unleash our creative problem solving before carefully selecting from a lifelong set of tools and tactics”.

Rytis is committed to the using collaborative and automated technologies to drive the waste out of the communications process.  This ranges from replacing face to face meetings with video conferencing, harnessing big (and small) data and eliminating needless manual tasks.

He has built a team of virtual associates to expand the skillset especially on the production side “We utilise a mobile and disperse group of experts from photography, video, podcasting production, design to Nextgen tech when we need to augment our capabilities.  This make us extremely nimble and connected to the latest thinking” added Joe.

Balancing the black/white world of technology with the judgement call world of communications requires strategic thinking aided by experience commented Rytis.

Reflect the new world of collaboration and co-opetition the company also intends to build a suite of products for clients from customisable templates, processes, collaborative editing, project management and searchable creativity tools.  “We believe that this level of transparency and sharing will ultimately lead to a better client result” he added.

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