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Recent Projects


Founded in 2011 with the aim of transforming the way organisations communicate and collaborate through Microsoft Team. Cloud Assist is a "Gold Certified Partner" that focuses on bringing the digital transformation of Microsoft suite of products from small to large teams.


Established in 2013 CongRegation Media Ltd is a unique three day unconfrence event with a focus of bringing individuals from all walks of life and indsutries together so that they can share their insights and expertise over the course of three days.


The Irish Centre for Excellence is a non-for-profit founded by industry leaders in 2009 with a mission to enhance manufacturing and service companies with best of breed global methodologies, knowledge sharing, research and focused networking.

Whats on In Westport

Whats on in Westport was established back in 2016 with the mission of brining the community together. The company offers individuals and organisiations within the idylic country town to promote its services, events and facilities within the town.

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Disruptive communications powered by technology.

Communications has changed beyond recognition but the fundamentals remain the same.  The days of being at the mercy of a journalist as a single conduit to potential customers has augmented with the engrained usage of social media platforms and the adoption of ‘every company is media company’.  With these direct tools comes the demand to build engaging content, in a bewildering array of formats, leveraging online advertising tools and building technology based campaigns and activations. The traditional toolset is still extremely valuable but it is are not enough.  Companies that succeed will be those that focus on powerful messaging with an eye to existing and emerging technologies with the ability to rapidly adopt, build, sustain, measure and earn the respect of their own online communities. For business owners this means understanding and being able to decipher the tools that matter – those that move the needle for their businesses – through engaging with insightful delivery partners.

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The More it Changes the More it Stays the Same Owned, Earned, Rented and Paid. Never has the demands on business owners been greater.  The worlds of owned, earned, rented and paid have dynamically changed with many blurred lines of demarcation but have also remained constant with content as their life blood.


Latest News

June 26, 2019

TV is Boring

There is no doubt that TV programming has taken a leap forward in the last few years fuelled by the exit of writer talent from the Hollywood studios following the writers strikes and big content budgets by companies like Netflix.  This has led to block buster series like Game of Thrones to a never ending

November 25, 2018

Is the era of free social monitoring tools over?

The world of social media monitoring has changed dramatically over the past few years. From an initial frenzy of a large number of free tools offering a fairly broad selection of services the range of those still standing has diminished and almost all are paid for, outside of a very restricted trial service. Part of

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